Is my Jewelry Covered?

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Valentine?s Day is one of the biggest holidays for jewelry purchases for your special someone! You never want to think about theft of a precious item, but if the worst happens, will you be prepared? Most people don?t realize that they should look at their policy limits to ensure all is protected. ?The first place to look is your homeowners or renters policy. Jewelry does fall under the contents coverage that?s typically part of standard policies. However, most homeowners and renters policies have strict limits for jewelry. That limit can be as low as $1,000 per piece, which means your sparkly new ring isn?t fully covered.

That?s why it?s important to know the value of the ring you?re putting on your finger and once you do, it?s a good idea to contact your insurance provider and investigate the coverage limits in your policy, as well as the potential perils included in your coverage.

If you find that your pieces aren?t fully protected, it?s time to add protection. Call us today to discuss your coverage?s!