Spring has sprung! Are you staying healthy?

When it comes to staying healthy there are a number of things that one can do to help reduce the cost of their health insurance premiums. Being in good health is the best way to lower the cost as premiums are generally calculated on your anticipated risk of needing to make a claim.

High blood pressure can cause a number of health problems including cardiovascular disease, kidney problems and stroke. Even if your blood pressure is within a healthy level at the moment, following a few guidelines could help you prevent it rising to a dangerous level in the future:

  • Get more active. Exercise can reduce blood pressure as well as helping you stay within a healthy weight.
  • Keep your stress levels under control. Learning meditation techniques and practicing calming activities such as yoga and tai chi can help you reduce your stress levels and therefore your blood pressure.
  • Eat healthy. Keeping your weight within healthy limits can help you keep your blood pressure low. Reducing your consumption of salt can also help.
  • Cut out unhealthy lifestyle habits. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can cause your blood pressure to rise, so quitting cigarettes and reducing your alcohol intake can help you keep your blood pressure lower.

No matter what your general state of health make sure you schedule regular checkups so that any potential issues can be identified and treated early. Having health insurance can provide a great backup if you do end up needing long term medical treatment but when it comes to your health prevention is always the best option.