June 2015 E-Newsletter

Risk Monitor

I hope that you find these articles of interest. If you have a topic for future discussion, please let me know. Please call anytime we can answer questions or be of help with your business insurance needs.

What Affects the Liability System and Insurance Premium Increases
With society becoming more litigious every day, the premiums for liability insurance increase continually. The cost of court claims and going to court is passed down to consumers. . .

OSHA Regulations for First Aid Kits in the Workplace
All businesses are required by federal regulations to keep first aid kits in areas that are convenient when there is not an in-house medical facility on site. This is meant to ensure. . .?

How to Pick the Right Amount of Business Income Insurance
When an organization considers buying property insurance, the focus is often on the building the organization owns or rents and its contents. While it is very important to. . .

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