November 2015 E-Newsletter

Risk Monitor

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What’s New This Month

Protect Your Business from Employee Theft

A credit union in Amarillo, Texas had a problem with employee theft. The employee who pled guilty was not a teller who pocketed a few hundred dollar bills here and there. She was the 56 year-old assistant vice-president of teller operations who embezzled $826,000 over a 14-year period. Her action could land her a 30-year prison sentence and a $1 million fine. It isn’t just this credit union….Read More

The Proper Amount of Business Liability Coverage

There is no set formula regarding how much liability a business needs. However, the more coverage you have, the more bulletproof your business becomes. If you are running a very successful business, you will probably want minimal disruption if an incident occurs in which you may be seen as liable….Read More

Why Businesses Need Cyber Insurance and What it Covers

Many businesses do not understand just how important cyber insurance is or why they need it. One of the most common targets for cyber thieves is big law firms. Experts say that these firms have large amounts of the personal data that cyber criminals want. In addition to this, large firms typically store plenty of corporate data, trade secrets and other protected information…. Read More