September 2015 E-Newsletter


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Protecting Yourself From Communications-Related Lawsuits

Media companies ? those companies that routinely engage in the publishing or transmission of information every day, day in and day out ? usually take out specialized media-industry-specific coverage to protect themselves from the unique risk profiles of that business. But what about other businesses? After all, no business is immune to being accused of media and intellectual property related bad acts or negligence….Read More

General Liability v. Professional Liability Insurance

People are human, it turns out, after all. That?s true whether they are neurosurgeons, high-power attorneys, mechanics, retail store owners or anything in between. Despite all the ?best practice? advice and all the systems and protocols, human error happens and it happens in all professions, in all industries and at all levels….Read More

Violating Workers’ Comp Laws can be Costly for Employers

Workers’ Compensation insurance can be a large cost for employers. This is especially true in the construction industry. Construction workers face all manner of dangerous hazards. Injuries on construction sites can be frequent and severe. As a result, Workers’ Compensation costs contractors a lot of money. Trying to skip out on paying Workers’ Comp benefits can cost even more….Read More